Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to different platforms and applications or websites that allow people to share information in many different ways with each other. Some of these platforms includes websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media websites, applications and tools allow people to engage in conversation usually about an article, a specific topic, an event or specific news.

Here is a snippet from the article “What Is Social Media? Explaining the Big Trend“ which can be found at

“Social media are web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.” Below is an image describing a few social media platforms and their main purpose.

Why is social media important for your business

Connect with your clients and reach more people

Social media allows you to address your target audience directly and reach more people with your business and products. Besides connecting with people who are already familiar with your products and business, there are millions of potential customers who might have never heard of you before. Social media allows you to reach more people.

See the graph below, which can found at, showing some of the latest statistics of social media users.

Build better client relationships

Clients use websites such as Facebook or Twiter as social networks and not directly as advertising platforms. You might have thousands of customers and keeping in touch with each individual could be challenging. By engaging with your clients on these platforms, they feel more directly involved with your business and gain a sense of ownership towards your brand and products.

Respond to feedback directly

Improve customer service and customer satisfaction by responding to their feedback directly on social platforms. This type of client engagement is very important to establish a good relationship with the client and tells the client that they are important or in the very least, that you do respond to their feedback.

Improve website traffic and SEO

By sharing an article, product or new specials from your website onto different social media platforms, you are essentially creating a link between the social platform and your website.

Anyone who is interested in the shared content will click on the link to view more about it on your website. This will cause your website to receive a lot more traffic and in return, higher rankings on search engines.

Most businesses have an active online social presence and interact with their clients directly on social media platforms. By ensuring that your company does the same, you can compete on a fairly level playing field with all of your competitors. It is also important to understand your clients. If most of your clients already make use of social networks, it makes sense to reach them and interact with them on these platforms.

Not all of your clients will visit your website regularly, so it is important to keep engaging with them on platforms that they already use. When you release a new product or special, the quickest way to tell everyone about it is via social media and social networks.

It is also important to know how each social platform works and what is necessary on each for your product and information to stand out and look good. Although this is covered in your SEO campaign, this is important for your social media campaigns. Take a look at a quick example of this by looking at what Facebook requires from users for their content to display correctly.

We help with the following:

  • Set up and optimize company profile pages on different social channels. (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Create articles on your website based on info provided by you and share these articles on all of the relevant social channels.

  • Create a newsletter based on articles from your website and distribute these to your clients.

  • Moderate all content that you provide, including resizing of images where necessary.

  • Respond to feedback from clients on relevant social channels or contact your relevant department e.g. human resources or marketing to respond to client feedback.

  • Moderate responses from clients and check for spam or harmful feedback.

  • Provide you with information regarding social analytics and metrics.

  • Help you create a social media strategy or campaign that will keep your social presence active with weekly to monthly interactions.

It is important to stay active on all relevant social channels at least once a week to keep actively engaging with your clients and keep your clients interested in your business or products. We recommend that the client take up a social media campaign strategy from WebBest to help with their social media presence and client interactions.

We will manage a total of 5 social media campaigns for your business throughout each month.

Besides the default actions we take towards your social media strategy, each campaign consists of:

  • An article or relevant content that is created by us on your website with information you provide. (This also keeps your website updated with the latest news, products and content from you)

  • Sharing this article or relevant content with your clients on all of the relevant social media channels or by sending out a newsletter via email to your client base.

  • Responding to feedback generated by this article on the relative social media platforms and moderating responses from clients.

  • Information and metrics of the information shared and how successful it was.

If you are interested in Social Media Marketing for your website, please contact us.