Create compelling content for your website

by Gideon van der Merwe

October 13, 2019

Let’s talk about the importance of compelling content on your website. More important than creating the content, is why you should care.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes and are vastly different in design and functionality. Each website has a purpose. Some are eCommerce websites that sell products online. Other are landing pages for a company or product, and others showcase a service or different services offered. It does not matter what website you have, if you are not providing value, in one form or another, you will ultimately fail.

One great thing about a website is that it is available to view from anywhere in the world. With good content, you could potentially reach millions of people and affect their lives in one way or another. If you have an online shop, people might buy something from you. If your focus is business to business or service-based, they might make use of your services. Think about the relationship you are building with your potential customers or even your current customers. How can you get more return customers? How can you sell more? How can you engage more with your customers? Compelling content that provides value to a person builds a strong relationship and establishes trust between you and your customers. It tells them that you want to give them valuable advice, and help them or educate them, instead of just taking their money. It also confirms that you know what you are doing or is an expert in your field.

Compelling content also helps with providing people with meaningful content when they reach your website and scroll through your pages and helps them to make a meaningful decision. In the end, this is what motivates a customer to buy from you, or make use of your services. It does not matter how well your website is designed and how eye-catching, jaw-dropping beautiful it looks, if it does not provide the end-user with the content they are looking for, they will be frustrated, disappointed and ultimately go to another website to find what they are looking for.

Good content will not only keep your customers interested and excited about your business, but it will also help your website to perform better on search engine rankings and social media.

Finally, think about the reason why you started a website in the first place. The success of your website, no matter what metric you use, is always directly impacted by the quality and value of the content on your website. Marketing, a good design and a functional website also enhances the success rate and user experience but is only secondary to the content itself.