From all over South Africa, as well as from all over the world, people are contacting hope365 through their web pages. The anonymity of the internet opens the door to incredibly personal ministry – you will be amazed by the honesty and openness that is possible in online communities. Online mentoring is a way to share the love of Christ one-on-one through email. Within 24-48 hours we reach out to people by “coming alongside” them and encourages them by (a) praying for them and providing resources, and (b) sharing the next step in their spiritual journey.

Our client had a previous website, however it was running on a content managing system which was difficult to maintain and had weekly security and plugin updates that had to be done. We recreated the website into a static website which now loads faster and does not require a database or other software to run.

We designed a new theme to accomodate the large amount of content and to ensure the website looks great on any device, mobile phone or tablet.

The new website is now much easier to maintain and with the new layouts that we created, it is now easier than ever to quickly add or remove content from the website. We have also created dynamic sections to include the latest news, galleries and info across the website.

Mobile Layout

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