House Core

At Housecore Property Investments we have grit! The new kid on the block with 16 years of residential and commercial real-estate experience, locally and abroad. Housecore sits at the centre of the Core group of companies, which services individuals as well as companies, by offering a unique perspective on how business is conducted. Our goal is to get the job done! We aim to alleviate our client's anxiety by minimizing their risk, throughout the transaction process, by providing them with the highest quality of service, expertise and transparency.

Our client wanted a website that looked professional and complemented their brand. The website had to be designed around the core services that our client offers, such as advertising properties for sale, to rent and also listing new developments. The new developments also had to each have a template and theme to follow and it had to be easy to update them with new information. We achieved this by designing and building unique layouts around each unique content type and further creating easy to use templates to update the information of the properties or developments. We also made sure that each layout and page looked great on mobile devices.

The new website makes it much easier to maintain and add new info to the website with the new layouts and theme that we created, It is now easier than ever to quickly add or remove content from the website or to advertise the latest developments to potential investors.

Mobile Layout

See the mobile version of the website in this video below.

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