Locksmith RM

24/7 Mobile Locksmith in the Pretoria area

Locksmith RM is a locksmith business in the Pretoria area who deal with emergency locksmith services such as assisting customers who are locked out of their cars or homes. They also provide additional locksmith services and re-key services for your car.

Our client did not have a previous website and wanted a website that would be easy to use, especially for customers who find themselves in an emergency and need assistance as fast as possible. As always, we created a website with a mobile-first focus. Mobile will be the number one means of access for most customers who are in an emergency. Our client also wanted a way to highlight that they have multiple and hassle-free payment options. We achieved this by creating a ribbon below the hero banner that is always visible above the fold, even on most mobile devices. We also made large and easy to press call to action buttons so that customers can easily contact them. Whatsapp buttons and clickable telephone links are also visible and easily accessible.

With the new website in place, our client can now focus on growing their business and provide their customers with the best locksmith services they have to offer.

Mobile Layout

See the mobile version of the website in this video below.

View the full website here:

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