Sisters Food Frenzy

Sisters Food Frenzy focuses on providing their customers with spitbraai's, platters and cakes. They provide different options to choose from with each type order and give clients a vast variety of options when ordering platters.

Our client wanted a simple, easy and intuative way for their clients to order food or catering services from their website. Each menu item (spitbraai, platters, cakes) has a custom order form with multiple sub options to choose from. Once a customer fills in a form, our client receives the order and can then process the order.

We decided to build a static website to avoid the overhead of a database and underlying platform with software that requires ongoing maintenance and updates. A static website also loads faster.

Have a look on the live website to see everything they have to offer.

Mobile Layout

See the mobile version of the website in this video below.

View the full website here:

View website

View screenshots of the website here: