Wanna paint started in 1998 with fabric paint huge in demand. The huge demand for designs inspired them to create unique quality products for every need.

They are a team that is passionate about arts and crafts especially fabric paint. They pour their passion for arts and crafts into creating unique products and designs for many customers that share their passion.

Wannapaint has both wholesale and retail customers and they required a solution to cater for both of these from their website. We created a wholesale login to cater for specific wholesale buying and shipping requirements and also created different shipping zones and methods to fit their different shipping solutions.

Furthermore, we provided our client with a complete online shopping solution, with a cart and checkout system and also different payment options for their customers.

We also created a Facebook shop and imported all of their products to their Facebook shop.

Mobile Layout

See the mobile version of the website in this video below.

View the full website here:

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View screenshots of the website here: